In the "Last 10 Active Topics" can....

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In the "Last 10 Active Topics" can....

Post by danoj77 » Wednesday, 20 June 2007, 21:23 PM

In the "Last 10 Active Topics" can you add a column for the forum that
the topic resides in?

So you would have for example:

| Mobile amp as a base .......... | AMPLIFIERS / POWER SUPPLIES ........... | User Name ........| Date |

This in a way would tell you who the topic is directed to also.

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Post by BOOTYMONSTER » Tuesday, 07 August 2007, 3:40 AM

i set my mouse wheel button to the "back" setting in its programing software so i never have to go allllllllll the way up to top right corner page back arrow to back out of anything . actually i could probably use the exercise and should go back to manually going to the arrow and clicking . maybe ill do it later...........when I'm feeling more energetic . :twisted:
if everybody wanted the same thing there would only be one mic,one radio,one amp and one antenna . this hobby has many options for many opinions .

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