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Post by roger777 » Saturday, 09 April 2011, 8:03 AM

which radio is better,galaxy dx959 or the Texas Ranger tr-696fd1
I plan to put mods in and use a 150 watt amp.
thank you!

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Re: qusetion

Post by MDYoungblood » Saturday, 09 April 2011, 10:54 AM

Hi roger777 and welcome to the forum,
In my opinion between the 2 radios I would choose the Texas Ranger TR-696FD1 over the Galaxy 959. They are basically the same radio but the TR has 1 more digit on it's freq counter. The only mods I would do is up the modulation, lower the dead key to give the finals some breathing room and unlock the clarifier ( have the frequency checked to make sure it is on the money). The lower dead key will also help your amp live longer.


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