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matching radio to amp.

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matching radio to amp.

Post by barshid » Tuesday, 22 August 2017, 12:05 PM

Hi folks, newbie here with a question
Got Stryker 955hpc and seems to be fine, barefoot figures were the following
Max deadkey 19W swings to 50W pep, using a true Swan WM2000a powered pep meter.
Min dead key 4W swings to 10W pep.

Recently introduced a Texas Star 500v into the system. But With the 955hpc rf power knob set to dead key radio at 4W, the Amp would deadkey at 100W and swing only to about 250W pep tops. So I figured and correct me if I am wrong, the radio wasnt matched to the amp? Meaning its not swinging enought to drive the amp fully.

rolling forward, the 955hpc barefoot figures after adjustments done:
4W deadkey swings to 40W pep
5W deadkey swings to 50W pep
10W deadkey swings to 60W pep
20W deadkey swings to 70W pep.

Now if I power up the TS500v and have the radio set to 4W dead key, the amp still deadkeys at 100W but swings to almost 400W on AM,. which appears to be in line with the 1 to 4 ratio for modulation.

However my concerns are the 955hpc itself after me matching it to amp, deadkeying 4w and swinging to 40W pep, isnt that over modulation? Shouldnt it be technically 4W deadkey swing to 16 or 20W pep? But with those figures the TS500v wont go past 300W pep. I am not one of those that wants to milk every watt out of the amp, but was thinking it would be fair to at least get 400pep on full modulation? Amp is the new DEI version trannies.


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