CBE-2007 voice activated

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CBE-2007 voice activated

Post by Scipio Kid » Friday, 16 June 2017, 20:36 PM

I'm just getting used to my new Electro Voice mic that Greg showed me how to hook up on my Washington. Love it, although it had a problem with dirty contacts on the switch causing some problems ... all fixed now. But I came across a fellow who's got a CBE-2007 voice activated desk top mic and wants to trade for it. It has a 5 pin plug on it so chances are good it'll plug right into my Washington and I won't have to have Greg draw me a diagram to hook it up. I can't find much on these things and I wonder if they're a good option for hands free VOX or if they just cut off the first couple of words and make things really annoying. It'd be fun to try out I guess.

Anyone with experience with these mics or VOX mics, please chime in, good or bad, It'd be nice to know what folks think of 'em.
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