Connex Radio from Nagant

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Connex Radio from Nagant

Post by SilverDragon » Saturday, 02 July 2011, 14:04 PM

Got the radio in the mail today and installed it in the truck. I figured a great positive response to Mr. Nagant here was in order. The radio is beautiful, arrived in perfect condition and was exactly as described. After adjusting the SWR's and testing it out, it's exactly as he described. Outstanding communication and would love to buy from this gentleman again. Outstanding!


PS: I uploaded a few pictures just to show how it looks installed and being used.

Since the forum wouldn't let me use the [img] tag, here is the link to it installed. http: //postimage dot org/image/2xjpwcxok/

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Re: Connex Radio from Nagant

Post by Nagant » Saturday, 02 July 2011, 14:34 PM

Thank you Matt. Pleasure doing business and chatting with you as well.

It looks good in your mobile. Here is the link to your pic" onclick=";return false;

When your post count gets to 10 you will be able to post pics directly.
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