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Special Thanks to drdx

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Special Thanks to drdx

Post by Shaft » Saturday, 26 December 2009, 17:55 PM

My wife and I drove up to Ft. Worth from our home near Houston on Thursday. As usual I always forget something on every trip I take. Usually it'll be a toothbrush, or socks, or something. But this time it was my wedding ring and and extra CB setup. One quick call to drdx helped me with the latter of the two. He loaned me a Uniden 520 and mag mount antenna for my brother-in-law to use while we go hunting next week.

drdx, you are an alright guy. So glad you are a part of the success of CBRT, but also glad to call you my friend.

A CB'er and his money are soon parted.

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Re: Special Thanks to drdx

Post by BushHog » Saturday, 26 December 2009, 20:59 PM

Yes sir very stand up guy, spent alot of time talkin to him in chat great fella to have around.

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