Csa 2010.

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Csa 2010.

Post by dangstraight » Wednesday, 15 September 2010, 20:39 PM

Been a pretty good day. Running in southern Arizona. Damn cant believe how hot it is still. I am getting tired of hearing about csa 2010. The outfit I run for has already started to write drivers up for there scores. For a program that has taken years to put in place it sure seems like it was thrown together at the last minute. I have already challenged two inspections on my report. I have a friend who 2 years ago received a warning on his flatbed. He ran his profile and csa has it listed he was put out of service. I have seen the inspection report and nowhere on there does it say he was shutdown on that day. He now has to fight that. I have called and spoken with two different representitives at csa and believe it or not received two different replies. This program is causing a lot of unessasary problems. Companys are panicking before all the facts come out. Another problem is rumours. They need to come out and let everyone know what is going on. Kind of hard when they change it week to week. Well enough of my rant . Everyone be safe. peace.

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