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Antenna update-Truckspec 2500

Help with installing an Antenna, or just choosing the right antenna to go with your radio, or your mobile.

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Antenna update-Truckspec 2500

Post by projectcop » Sunday, 01 March 2015, 18:25 PM

Found out my Cobra 75 series power mic had a short this morning. So; while I was looking for my stock mic (found it, brand new- in the wrapper) I found my old micronta meter and a patch cord. So......................
Background on this antenna install:
2007 Ford F150 shortbed
Firestick stainless steel bed stake hole mount-mounted and grounded at right rear of bed
truckspec 2500 air-cooled coil antenna
12' of mini-8 coax- routed through front of bed and rear of cab
Early (Malaysian)Cobra 148F/ tuned up a little bit/ tons of modulation/ channels
Tightened up a couple things that worked loose in the last week
Grounded coax to bed
Added meter and coiled about 4' of coax (shortest piece I had) near the meter, zip tied the coil.
Checked swr: 1.5:1on 40/1.3:1 on 1
clipped off 1/4"/clipped off another 1/4"
Now swr is 1.2:1 on 40 / almost flat match on 1/ halfway between those on 20 Yay me!!
According to this meter, this radio is putting out only about 10 watts on AM; hmmm....need to do something about that!!
Noticed the noise blanker button does nothing at all for noise!! Hmmm....I think I should use this button for something else??
Comments? Suggestions?
73's to all

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John Wayne

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