City Nicknames

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City Nicknames

Post by LordDragr » Sunday, 23 April 2006, 21:10 PM

Items with * are the city names. o is the nickmanes.


* Alabaster
o The City for Families
* Albertville
o The Fire Hydrant Capital of the World
* Anniston
o The Model City
* Auburn
o The Loveliest Village on the Plains
o The Plains
* Bessemer
o The Marvel City
* Birmingham
o The Magic City
o The Pittsburgh of the South
o Da Ham
o Bombingham
o The Birmingham of the Americas
* Cedar Bluff
o Crappie Capital of the World
* Decatur
o The River City
o The Chicago of the South
o D-Rock
o Ballooning Capital of Alabama
o The Heart of the Valley
o "Home of America's First Wave Pool"
* Douglas
o City of Eagles
* Dothan
o The Peanut Capital of the World
o The Circle City
* Enterprise
o The City of Progress
* Florence
o The Renaissance City
* Geneva
o The City of Rivers
* Greenville
o The Camellia City
* Haleyville
o Home of 911
* Hartselle
o The City of Southern Hospitality
* Huntsville
o The Rocket City
o Huntsvegas
o Watercress Capital of the World
* Jacksonville
o Gem of the Hill
* Lincoln
o The Motorsports City
* Madison
o Where Progress Meets Preservation
* Mobile
o The Azalea City
o The City of Five Flags
o The City of Fire Ants
o Mob Town
o The Home of Mardi Gras
* Phenix City
o The Gateway to East Alabama
* Prattville
o The Preferred Community
* Scottsboro
o "Where the Mountains Meet the Lakes"
* Summerdale
o The Sunshine City
* Tuscaloosa
o T-town
o The Druid City
* Winfield
o City on the Move


* Anchorage
o The City of Lights and Flowers
o Air Crossroads of the World
o Hanging Basket Capital of the World
* Fairbanks - The Golden Heart City
* Homer - The End of the Road
* Kenai - The Village With a Past, the City With a Future
* Ketchikan
o King Salmon Capital of the World
o K-Town
* Sitka
o First City of Alaska
o The Natural Place to Visit


* Phoenix
o Desert Storm [citation needed]
o Dirty P-H-X [citation needed]
o The Valley, Pheonix Valley, Valley of the Sun (includes surrounding cities such as Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Mesa, Glendale and Paradise Valley) [1] [2] [3]
* Tucson - The Old Pueblo [4]
* Flagstaff - The City that Never Sleeps
* Apache Junction - The Junction


* Brinkley - Home of the Ivory-billed woodpecker
* Fayetteville - Fayettenam
* Jonesboro
o The City of Churches
o The Crepe Myrtle City
o J-Town
o Joneburr
* Little Rock - The City of Roses
* Lowell - The Town With a Past, the City With a Future
* Mountain View - Folk Music Capital of the World
* Stuttgart - Rice and Duck Capital of the World


* Alameda
o Dirty Meda
o Alamurda
o Alamilimeda
* Anaheim
o Disneyland
o The Town that (Uncle) Walt Built
* Bakersfield
o California's Country Music Capital
o Bak-o
* Baldwin Park - The City That Time Forgot
* Berkeley
o Berzerkeley
o The People's Republic of Berkeley
* Buena Park - Center of the Southland
* Castroville - Artichoke Center of the World
* Chico
o City of Roses
o Big City Taste, Small Town Flavor
o Capital of Good Vibes
* Chula Vista - Chula Juana
* Coachella
o City of Eternal Sunshine
o Gateway to the Salton Sea
* Compton - The Hub City
* Cotati - The Hub (of Sonoma County)
* Del Mar - Where the surf meets the turf (actually a nickname for the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, a major thoroughbred racetrack in the town)
* El Cajon
o Polite City of El Cajon
o Hub of East County
* Escondido - Escondildo
* Fallbrook - Avocado Capital of the World
* Fayette - The Gateway to the Pacific
* Forestville - Poison Oak Capital of the World
* Fremont - Freakmont
* Fresno
o Raisin Capital of the World
o Armpit of California
o Fresburg
o FresYes
o The No
* Garden Grove
o The Renaissance City
o Garbage Grove
* Gilroy - Garlic Capital of the World
* Glendale - The Jewel City
* Gold Beach - City of Gold
* Greenfield - Broccoli Capital of the World
* Hawthorne - The City of Good Neighbors
* Hayward
o The Heart of the Bay
o Haystack
* Healdsburg - Hellsburg
* Holtville - The Carrot Capital of the World
* Huntington Beach - Surf City, USA
* Indio
o Date Capital of the World
o The City of Festivals
* Inglewood
o The City of Champions
o Inglehood
* Isleton - Crawdad Town
* Kelseyville - Pear Capital of the World
* Lafayette - Love Lafayette (popular bumper sticker slogan)
* Lancaster - The Heart of the Antelope Valley
* Lemon Grove - Best Climate on Earth
* La Habra - Guadalahabra
* Lodi - Grape Capital of the World
* Long Beach - L.B.C.
* Los Angeles
o L.A. (also El Lay)
o (The) City of Angels
o Hell A.
o The Entertainment Capital of the World
o The Big Orange
o The City of Champions
o City of Flowers and Sunshine
o Pornography Capital of the World
o Los gluteus maxims
o La-La Land -- although this is more commonly used to refer to Hollywood, which is a part of Los Angeles
o Moz Angeles - coined by filmmaker William R. Jones in reference to singer Morrissey's nickname and his unusual popularity in his adopted hometown
o Tehranjeles
* Marysville - Gateway to the Gold Fields
* Merced
o Gateway to Yosemite
o Mer-Dead
* Monterey - The Cradle of History
* National City
o Nasty Ol' City
o National Pity
* Oakdale
o Cowboy Capital of the World
o Oaktown
* Oakland
o Oaktown
o The Town
o The Land
o Raider Nation
* Oceanside - Oceanslime
* Oroville
o City of Gold
o The Mistake by the Lake
* Oxnard
o Strawberry Capital of the World
o The Nard
* Palmdale - Aerospace Capital of America
* Pasadena
o City of Roses
o Crown City
* Patterson - Apricot Capital of the World
* Pearsonville - Hubcap Capital of the World
* Petaluma
o Egg Basket of the World
o P-Town
o Pet-a-llama (used primarily by local adolescents as a minor pejorative)
o Luma
* Placerville - Hangtown
* Poway
o The City in the Country (Official)
o P-town (Local)
* Reseda - The Hub of the West Valley -- referring to the San Fernando Valley
* Rohnert Park
o Rodent Park
o Rodent Puke
o RoPo
* Sacramento
o River City
o Sac or Sacto
o Sacrademento
o Sacratomato
o Sac-Town
o The Camellia City
o The City of Trees
o The Big Tomato
* Salinas - Salad Bowl of the World
* San Bruno - The Airport City
* San Diego
o America's Finest City (since 1972)
o America's biggest small town
o City in Motion (until 1972)
o Dago (tourists and sailors only, rare)
o The Plymouth of the West
o Sand Dog - mainly by US Navy sailors stationed there
o Slow Death - among punk rock fans
* San Francisco
o The City by the Bay
o Baghdad by the Bay
o City of Love
o EssEff
o Frisco - considered by many as a shibboleth whereby visitors distinguish themselves but is often used by local African-Americans, including musicians E-40 and Too $hort
o Golden Gate City
o **Censored** City
o Shaky Town
o Fog City/Fogtown
o The City
o The City That Knows How
o The Sco
o Sucka Free
* San Jose
o San Ho
o San Hose
o San Joe-Z
o The Capital of Silicon Valley
o The Garden City
* San Luis Obispo - SLO Town
* San Ramon, California - San Ro
o St. Raymond
* Santa Monica
o Dogtown
o People's Republic of Santa Monica
* Selma - Raisin Capital of the World
* Sonoma - The Queen of the Southern Mines
* South San Francisco
o South City
o The Industrial City
* Stockton
o California's Sunrise Seaport
o Stock-Town
* Sunnyvale - S.V., Murphy's Crib, The Station
* Thousand Oaks - T.O.
* Tulelake - Horseradish Capital of the World
* Ukiah - Haiku (Ukiah spelled backwards)
* Union City - Gateway to Silicon Valley
* Vallejo - V-Town
* Ventura - The City of Good Fortune
o Ventura is a nickname, the true city name is City of San Buenaventura
* Victor - City of Gold
* Visalia, California - Visa
o V-Town
* Walnut Creek - The Creek
* West Hollywood
o Boystown
o The Creative City
* Windsor - Eye Sore
* Woodland
o Woodlone
o Woodpile
* Yuba City - The Hub


* Aurora - Gateway to the Rockies (official nickname)
o Saudi Aurora (pejorative colloquialism)
* Boulder
o The People's Republic of Boulder
o The BoulderSphere
* Colorado Springs
o The Springs
o Pikes Peak's City
o The City of Wide Streets and Narrow Minds
* Denver
o City of the Plains
o Convention City
o The Mile-High City
o Paris on the Platte
o Queen City of the Plains
o Cowtown --Somewhat outdated 19th century nickname
o Marijuanavile
* Fort Collins - The Choice City
o Fort Chronic
* Greeley, Colorado - Stinktown, Armpit of Colorado
* Pueblo, Colorado - Steel City
* Steamboat Springs, Colorado
o Ski Town USA
o The Boat
* Trinidad, Colorado - **Censored** change capital of the World


* Bridgeport - Park City
* Bristol - Mum City
* Danbury - Hat City
* Hartford - Insurance City
* New Haven - Elm City
* New Britain - Hardware City
* Norwalk - Hat City
* Waterbury - Brass City
* Wethersfield - Onion City


* Dover - The State Capital since 1777


* Apopka
o Indoor Foliage Capital of the World
* Bartow
o The City of Oaks
o The City of Oaks and Azaleas
o Capital of Imperial Polk County
* Boca Raton
o Spam capital of the world
o Boca
* Bradenton
o B-Town
o Boring Town
o B-Tin
* DeLand
o The Athens of Florida
* Fort Lauderdale
o Venice of America
o Fort Slaughterdale
o Fort Leatherdale
* Fort Myers
o The City of Palms
o Gulf Coast Paradise
* Gainesville
o Hogtown
* Hialeah
o H-Town
* Jacksonville
o Where Florida Begins
o J-Ville
o Freakville
o Jax [5]
* Key West
o Southernmost City
o Key Weird
o Conch Republic
* Madison
o Madville
* Melbourne
o The Harbor City
* Miami
o Magic City
o The American Riviera
o The MIA
o The Capital of Latin America
o Little Cuba
o Vice City
o 305
o The Sixth Borough (in reference to New York City)
* New Smyrna Beach
o The World's Safest Beach
o Shark Bite Capital of the World
* Orlando
o The City Beautiful
o O-Town
o The Imaginary City
o Disney City
* Palatka
o P-Town
o Dramaville
* Panama City Beach
o The World's Most Beautiful Beaches
* Pensacola
o City of Five Flags
o Just Do It
* Perry
o Pine Tree Capital of The South
o P-Fonk
* St. Petersburg
o St. Pete
* Tallahassee
o Tally
o Tallytown
o Tally-Ho
o The Hill
* Tampa
o The Cigar City
o T-town
o home of tha drak boyz
* Wauchula
o The Cucumber Capital of the World ([6], [7], Hardee County [8], Florida [9])


* Albany
o The Artesian City
o Good Life City
o Pecan Capital of the World
o Quail Hunting Capital of the World
* Athens- The Classic City
* Atlanta
o A.T.L.
o A-Town -- popular among hip hop fans
o Hotlanta
o Blacklanta
o The Athens of the South
o Capital of the South
o The Big Peach
o The Dirty A-T-L
o The Phoenix City (of the South)
o The New York of the South
o The Black New York
o The Detroit of the South
o The City Too Busy to Hate
o The City In The Forest
o Dogwood City
o Gate City of the South
* Augusta
o The Garden City
o Home of the Masters
* Claxton - Fruitcake Capital of the World
* Dalton - Carpet Capital of the World
* Lilburn - The City of Champions


* Honolulu
o Sheltered Bay
o Crossroad of the Pacific
o The Keys -- usually refers to Waikiki, which is a part of Honolulu


* Boise - The City of Trees
* Idaho Falls - I.F.
* Pocatello - Poky
* Preston - Napoleon Dynamite Town or City
* Rigby - Birthplace of TV


* Calumet City - Calumet **Censored** (local slang)
* Champaign-Urbana, Illinois
o Chambana
o Shampoo-Banana
o Urpaign
* Chicago
o Chi-Town
o City of Big Shoulders
o Cowtown
o Hog Butcher of the World
o Second City
o The "I Will" City
o Pride of the Rustbelt
o City in a Garden
o The City That Works Together
o Gem of the Prairie
o Railroad Center of America
o Slaughterhouse of the World
o Windy City
o Packingtown
o Paris of the Midwest
o Chicagoland (for the surrounding area)
* Evanston - E-Town
* Galena - The City That Time Forgot
* Joliet - The City of Champions
* Metropolis - Hometown of Superman
* Naperville - Naperthrill
* Nauvoo - The Beautiful
* Morton - Pumpkin Capital of the World


* Cedar Lake - Cedar-tucky (local slang)
* Churubusco - Turtle Town, U.S.A.
* Columbus - City of Architechure
* Crawfordsville - Athens of Indiana
* East Chicago - E.C.
* Evansville
o E'ville
o River City
o Stoplight City
* Fort Wayne
o Summit City
o City of Churches
* Gary
o Scary Gary
o G.I.
o City of the Century
o Steel City
* Gary and Hammond - "the Region" (encompasses most of Lake County, Indiana adjacent to Chicago)
* Indianapolis
o Amateur Sports Capital of the World
o Circle City
o Crossroads of America
o Indiana-No-Place
o Naptown
o Railroad City
* Kokomo - City of Firsts
* Muncie - Middletown (after Middletown, a pioneering sociological study conducted there)
* Terre Haute - Terror Hate


* Burlington - The Loader/Backhoe Capital of the World
* Carter Lake - Omaha's Red-Headed Stepchild
* Cedar Rapids - The City of Five Seasons
* Council Bluffs - Iowa's Leading Edge, , Machete-Town, Council-Tucky
* Davenport/Bettendorf, Iowa / Moline/East Moline/Rock Island, Illinois - The Quad Cities
* Sumner - City With a Future


* Lansing - City With a Future
* Lawrence - Larrytown
* Manhattan - The Little Apple
* Wichita
o Air Capital
o Cowtown
o Emerald City


* Bowling Green - BG
* Corbin - Gateway to Cumberland Falls
* Crestwood - Whiskers
* Elizabethtown - E-town
* Hopkinsville - Hoptown
* Lexington - Horse Capital of the World
* Louisville
o City of Beautiful Churches
o Derby City
o Falls City
o Gateway to the South
o The Ville
* Owensboro - Barbeque Capital of Kentucky
* Paducah - Quilt City


* New Orleans
o The Big Easy
o The City That Care Forgot
o The City That Time Forgot
o The Crescent City
o The Queen City of the South
o The N.O.
o Nawlins
o Nicknames used following Hurricane Katrina:
+ Atlantis II
+ New Venice
+ New Atlantis
+ Venice II
+ The Lost Empire
+ The Chocolate City
+ The Sawgy City
+ The Big Cereal Bowl


* Bangor - The Queen City
* Bath - The City of Ships
* Lewiston & Auburn
o Cities of the Androscoggin
o L-A
* Portland
o Forest City
o Hill City
* Waterville - Elm City


* Annapolis
o Crabtown
o Naptown
o The Sailing Capital of the World
* Baltimore
o Balmo or Balmer -- imitations of the local pronunciation of Baltimore
o Charm City
o Harm City
o Mob Town
o Monument City
o The City That Reads
o The City That Breeds
o The City That Bleeds
o B-More
o Bodymore, Murderland
* Burtonsville - B-ville
* Columbia - The Next America
* Cumberland - Queen City
* Frederick - Fredneck -- derogatory reference to rednecks
* Hagerstown
o The Gateway to Western Maryland
o Hub City
* Ocean City - The White Marlin Capital
* Salisbury - The Crossroads of Delmarva


* Attleboro - The 'Boro
* Boston
o Athens of America
o Beantown
o The City of Champions
o The City of Kind Hearts
o The Cradle of Liberty
o The Hub -- short for hub of the universe (Oliver Wendel Holmes, Jr.)
o Purity City
o City on the Hill
* Brockton - The City of Champions
* Cambridge
o Moscow on the Charles (for its extreme left politics)
o The People's Republic of Cambridge
* Fall River
o Scholarship City
o The Spindle City
o The City of Hills, Mills and Pork Pies
o Fall Reev
* Franklin - The Source
* Leominster - Pioneer Plastic City. (Note: it is where the original plastic pink lawn flamingoes were first manufactured)
* Lynn
o Lynn, Lynn, City of Sin
o City of Firsts (1989-1995)
o The Phoenix (1970s-1980s)
* Methuen - The City Known as the Town
* New Bedford
o The Whaling City
o New Beige
* Rockport - The Mendocino of the East
* Salem
o City of Witches
o The Witch City
* Somerville - Slummaville, Scummaville
* Springfield - Birthplace of Basketball
* Taunton
o The Silver City
o The Christmas City
o City of Firsts
* Waltham - Watch City
* Westfield - The Whip City
* Worcester - Wormtown (originally applied to the local music scene)
* Provincetown - P'Town


* Albion - The Smart City
* Ann Arbor
o A-Squared
o Tree Town
* Battle Creek - Cereal City
* Charlevoix - Charlevoix the Beuatiful
* Detroit
o The City of Champions
o The Motor City
o Motown
o Det-Riot
o The City That Put The World on Wheels
o Hitsville USA
o The (former) Paris of the Midwest
o Daytwah (French pronunciation of Detroit)
o D-Town
o Murder Capital
o The Renaissance City
o The City on the Strait
o The D
o The Ambassador City (named after the Ambassador Bridge, which connects Detroit to Windsor, Ontario)
o Hockeytown
o America's Most Canadian City
o Amityville
o Arsenal of Democracy
o The 313
o Rock City
* East Lansing
o EL
* Flint
o Birthplace of Michael Moore
o Vehicle City
o Flint Town
o That 810
* Gladstone
o The Pet Casket Capital of the World
* Grand Rapids
o Furniture City
o Second City of Michigan
o The Valley City
o G Rap
* Jackson - Birthplace of the Republican Party
o Jack Town
* Kalamazoo
o Celery City
o Kazoo (often spelled in print as "K'zoo")
* Lansing
o L-town
o L-A (Lansing Area)
o That 517
o Capitol City
* Marquette - Superior City
* Newberry - Moose Capital of Michigan
* Niles - The City of Four Flags
* Parchment - The Paper City
* Sault Ste. Marie - The Soo
* Saginaw
o Sag Nasty
o Nastyville
o Grimey City, USA
* Sturgis - Curtain Rod Capital of the World
* Taylor - Taylor-tucky
* Traverse City
o TC
o Cherry Capital of the World
* Ypsilanti
o Ypsi
o Ypsitucky


* Bemidji
o Home of Paul Bunyan & Babe the Blue Ox
o Curling Capital of the United States
* Brainerd - Home of Paul Bunyan & Babe the Blue Ox
* International Falls - The Icebox of the United States
* Mankato - City With a Future
* Minneapolis
o Mill City
o The Minni Apple
o Murderapolis -- during the early 1990s
o The City of Lakes
o Minnea-no-place
o Flour City (19th Century early 20th)
o The Twin Cities (with St. Paul)
* Monett - City With a Future
* Mountain Iron - Taconite Capital of the World
* New Ulm - The City of Charm and Tradition
* St. Paul - The Twin Cities (with Minneapolis)
* Duluth, Minnesota - Zenith City


* Jackson - Chimneyville
* Vicksburg - The Gibraltar of America
* Greenwood - Cotton Capital of the World


* Cape Girardeau - The Rose City
* Carthage - The Maple Leaf City
* Caruthersville - Birthplace of the Bootheel
* Chadwick - The Copperhead Capital of the World
* Kansas City
o City of Fountains
o K.C.
o Valentine City
o Cowtown
o Heart of America
* Marionville - Home of the White Squirrels
* Neosho
o The Flower Box City
o City of Springs
* Sedalia - The Queen City of the Prairie
* St. Louis
o City With a Future
o The Gateway City
o Gateway to the West
o St. Louie (strongly discouraged in most contexts)
o The "Lou"
o The Mound City
o S.T.L.
* Springfield
o Queen City of the Ozarks
o Birthplace of Route 66
* Webb City - City of Flags


* Billings
o Magic City
o Crack Capital of the West
o North Los Angeles
* Bozeman - Bozangeles
* Butte
o Copper City
o Mining City
* Great Falls - Electric City
* Helena - The Queen City
* Livingston - Windy City
* Missoula - Garden City


* Omaha
o The Big 'O'
o Yawn-aha
o Slow-maha
* Fort Calhoun - Atomic City
* Grand Island - G.I.
* Hastings - Queen City of the Plains


* Las Vegas
o America's Playground
o City of Lights
o Entertainment Capital of the World
o Sin City
o Lost Wages
o Glitter Gulch
* Reno
o The Biggest Little City in the World
o Skeeno -- among punk rock fans
* Winnemucca - City of Paved Streets

New Jersey

* Atlantic City
o AC
o America's Playground
* Cranford
o C-Town
o Crane's Ford
o Little Italy
o Small Town America
* Dover
o Doverico
o Doversity
* East Orange - Illtown -- popular among hip hop fans
* Elizabeth - Eastwick
* Hoboken - The Mile Square City
* Jersey City
o Chilltown -- popular among hip hop fans
o Dirty **Censored**
o The JC
o Wall Street West
o The Sixth Borough
* Maplewood - Birthplace of Ultimate Frisbee
* Morristown
o MoTown
* New Brunswick
o Hub City
o Health Care City
o Gunswick
* New Vernon
o Richville
* Newark
o Brick City
o Nork - imitations of the local pronunciation of Newark
* Ocean City
o OC
o America's Greatest Family Resort
* Paterson
o P-Town
o Silk City
* Pleasantville - P'ville
* Seaside Heights - Sleaze side

New Hampshire

* Berlin - The City That Trees Built
* Keene - Elm City
* Manchester
o ManchVegas
o Queen City
* Nashua
o Gate City
o Nausea
* Portsmouth - Port City
* Rochester - Lilac City
* Salem - Gateway to New Hampshire
* Somersworth - Scummersworth

New Mexico

* Albuquerque
o The Duke City
o The Wrong Turn City (from Bugs Bunny never taking that left turn)
* Gallup - Drunk-Driving Capital of America
* Santa Fe - The City Different
* Santa Rosa - The Scuba Capital of New Mexico
* Shiprock - Shitrock

New York

* Albany
o Smallbany
o Tech Valley
* Amsterdam - The Carpet City
* Binghamton
o Parlor City
o Carousel Capital of the World
* Bronx
o Boogie Down
o BX
* Brooklyn
o The City of Churches
o The City of Trees
o BK
o Brooknah
o Brooknam
o Bucktown
o Crooklyn
o Medina
o The planet
* Buffalo
o B-Lo
o Bison City
o The City of Good Neighbors
o The Nickel City
o The Queen City (of the Great Lakes)
* Cooperstown - Birthplace of baseball
* Cortland - The Crown City
* Florida - The Onion Capital of the World
* Fulton - City With a Future
* Geneva - Lake Trout Capital of the World
* Hammondsport - Cradle of Aviation
* New Rochelle - New Rock City
* New York City
o The Big Apple
o The Concrete Jungle
o The Capital of the World
o The First Capital of America
o The Unofficial Capital of America
o The City
o The City of Dreams
o The City So Nice, They Named It Twice
o The City That Never Sleeps
o Empire City
o Media Capital of the World
o Gotham City
o The Melting Pot
o N.Y.C.
o New Rome
o The World's Second Home
o Zoo York
* Oneonta
o City in the Hills
o City of CLouds
* Queens
o School of Hard Knocks
o Q Boro
* Rochester
o The Flour City
o The Flower City
o Crochester
o Kodak City
o Ra-Cha-Cha
o The R-O-C
o The Rock
o Snapshot City
o Rottenfester
o Crapchester
* Rye - Border Town
* Saratoga Springs
o The Spa City
o Toga (slang term, less used)
* Schenectady
o The Electric City
o The City That Lights And Hauls The World
* Staten Island
o Shaolin
o The Forgotten Borough
* Syracuse
o Salt City
o Central City
o The 'Cuse
o Typewriter City
o City of Bridges
o Sewerpukes
o Sorrycuse
* Troy - The Collar City
* Williston Park
o Willy P
o Dub Park

North Carolina

* Asheville - Ashe Vegas
* Burlington - Burlywood
* Cape Hatteras - The Graveyard of the Atlantic
* Charlotte
o Hornet's Nest
o Queen City
o The QC
* Durham
o Bull City
o City of Medicine
o Dirty D-Town
* Fayetteville - Fayettenam
* Gastonia, North Carolina
o The Gas House
* Greensboro - Gate City
* Jacksonville - Actionville
* Raleigh
o City of Oaks
o Raleighwood
* Statesville, North Carolina
o Statesvegas
o The 'Ville
* Wilmington
o The Port City
o The River City

North Dakota

* Grand Forks and East Grand Forks, Minnesota - The Grand Cities
* Hoople - Tater Town
* Minot - The Magic City


* Akron
o The Rubber Capital of the World
o Rubber City
o Lil' A-town
* Athens
o A-town
o Athenstucky (derisive)
* Bryan
o The Fountain City
* Canton
o Hall of Fame City
o Birthplace of Football
o FameTown
* Chillicothe
o Chillicompton
o Chillitucky
* Cincinnati
o The Queen City
o The Queen of the West
o The Blue Chip City
o The City of Seven Hills
o Cincinnata
o Zinzinnati
o Cin-City
o Cincy (or Cinci)
o Cinti
o The 'Nati
o Porkopolis (derisive)
* Cleveland
o The Forest City
o C-Town
o The New American City
o America's North Coast
o The Best Location in the Nation
o The City of Bridges
o Sports Capital of Ohio
o Metropolis of the Western Reserve
o Prodigy of the Western Reserve
o The Heart of New Connecticut
o Mistake by the Lake (derisive)
o The Comeback City
* Cleveland Heights
o City for a Lifetime
* Columbus
o The Arch City
o The Discovery City
o The Crossroads of Ohio
o C-Bus
* Dayton
o Gem City
o Birthplace of Aviation
* East Cleveland
o E.C.
* Euclid
o The Lakefront City
* Mansfield
o The Heart of Ohio
o Carousel Capital of Ohio
* Massillon
o City With a Future
* Norwood
o The Road City
o Da Wood
o N-Wood
o Norwoodia
* Springfield
o The Field
* Toledo
o The Glass City
o Detroit's Right Hand
o Corn City
o T-Town
* Youngstown
o Y-Town
o Yo. (often used in mailing addresses)


* Altus - The City With a Future to Share
* Beaver - Cow Chip Throwing Capital of the World
* Norman - Weather Capital of the World
* Oklahoma City
o The Renaissance City
o The City
* Tulsa
o Oil Capital of the World
o America's Most Beautiful City
o Green Country
o T-Town
o Art-Deco Capital of the USA
* Tulsa Area
o Claremore - Home of Will Rogers
o Jenks - Antique Capital of Oklahoma
o Bartlesville - The Town That Frank Lloyd Wright Built


* Albany - Home of the Timber Carnival
* Bandon - Storm Capital of the World
* Coos Bay - City With a Future
* Cornelius - Oregon's Family Town
* Halsey - Grass Seed Capital of the World
* Hillsboro - Hillsburrito
* Hood River - Windsurfing Capital of the World
* Keizer - Iris Capital of the World
* Milton-Freewater
o The Home of Low-Cost Utilities
o Muddy Frogwater Country
* Pendelton - The Real West
* Portland
o Bridgetown
o City of Roses
o Little Beirut
o **Censored**
o P-Town
o Rip City
o River City
o Stumptown
* Roseburg
o Land of Umpqua
o Timber Capital of the West
* Rogue Valley - Pear Capital of the World
* Salem - The Cherry City
* The Dalles
o Cherry City
o The End of the Oregon Trail


* Allentown - Cement City
* Bethel Park - Municipality of Champions
* Bethlehem - Christmas City
* Carbondale - Pioneer City
* Erie - The Gem
* Hanover
o The Black Rose Community
o The Snack Capital of the World
o Snack Town
* Hershey - Chocolate Town, USA
* Johnstown - J-Town
* Lancaster - Red Rose City (In the War of the Roses, the red rose was the symbol of the House of Lancaster)
* New Oxford - The Antique Capital of the World
* Philadelphia
o City of Brotherly Love
o Philly
o Quaker City
o City of Brotherly Shove
o Philthadelphia
o Birthplace of America
o The 215 (reference to area code)
o Illadelph
o Killadelphia
* Pittsburgh
o The 'Burgh
o City of Bridges
o Erie Senior
o The City of Champions
o Iron City
o Steel City
o Unreal City
o Football Capital of the World (More NFL Hall of Famers, NFL Coaches and NFL Players grew up in the metro area then anywhere else on earth. No Superbowl has ever been played without a Pittsburgher on each team).
o Workshop to the World
o Arsenal of Democracy
o Arsenal of Liberty
o Arsenal of Freedom
o Titsburgh
o Robo-burgh
o City of Stairways
o The Birmingham of the North
o The San Francisco of the East
o The Paris of Appalachia
o The Little Apple
* Scranton - The Electric City
* Spring Grove - Paper Town
* State College - Happy Valley
* York
o White Rose City (In the War of the Roses, the white rose was the symbol of the House of York)
o Barbell City
* Wilkes-Barre - Diamond City

Rhode Island

* Bristol - America's Most Patriotic Town
* Newport - The City by the Sea
* Providence
o Beehive of Industry
o Downcity (Downtown area)
o PVD (airport code for T.F. Green Airport)
* Woonsocket - A City on the Move

South Carolina

* Batesburg-Leesville - Twin City
* Charleston
o America's Most Historic City
o Palmetto City
o The Holy City
o Chucktown
o Charlie-O
o The "843"
o The Big Sweet Grass Basket
o The Capital of the Gullah Culture
o The Marina City
o Port City
* Columbia - Cola
* Greenville - G-vegas
o Green-Vegas
o Textile Capital of the World
* Myrtle Beach - Grand Strand

South Dakota

* Brookings - Brook-Brook, Brookville, Brooktown
* Leola - Rhubarb Capital of the World
* Sioux Falls - SuFu, Soo Foo
* Vermillion - Vermin (and yes, Vermillion is misspelled on purpose)


* Bristol - Food City
* Chattanooga
o Dynamo of Dixie
o The Scenic City
o Chatt Town
o Chattavegas
* Clarksville
o The Queen City
o Gateway to the New South
o ClarksVegas
o Crunksville
o C-Ville
o The Ville
* Cookeville
o Hub City
o Cookevegas
* Knoxville
o The Marble City
o K-Town
o The Streaking Capital of the World
o Knox Vegas
* Memphis
o Birthplace of the Blues
o The River City
o Bluff City
o M-Town
o Memphrica (also spelled Memfrica)
* Nashville
o The Athens of the South
o Music City
o The Protestant Vatican
o Blastville
o Ca$hville
o The Ville
o NashVegas
* Oak Ridge
o The Secret City
o The Atomic City


* Alpine - Gateway to the Big Bend
* Amarillo - The Yellow Rose of Texas (amarillo is Spanish for yellow)
* Anson - Crossroads of West Texas
* Austin -
o Live Music Capital of the World
o Silicon Hills
* Commerce - Bois d'arc Capital of the World
* Corpus Christi
o Sparkling City by the Sea
o City of Beautiful Women (because of the numerous beauty queens from the city such as Farrah Fawcett, Eva Longoria, Lisa Dergan, Rachel Sterling)
* Dallas
o Big D
o Dope-Town
o America's Favorite City
o D-Town
o Metroplex (with Fort Worth)
* Duncanville - The City of Champions
* El Paso
o EP
o Sun City, Texas
o The City With a Legend
o Hell Paso
* Fort Worth
o Cowtown
o Murder Worth
o Funky Town
o Panther City
o Where the West Begins
o Kelly Clarkson City
o American Idol City
o Metroplex (with Dallas)
* Fort Hancock - The Dump
* Glen Rose - Dinosaur Capital of Texas
* Hereford - The Town without a Toothache
* Houston
o Bayou City
o Clutch City - in response to Chronicle headline "Choke City" [10]
o H-Town
o Magnolia City
o Oil capital of the world, Energy capital of the World - headquarters to many energy companies such as Baker Hughes, CenterPoint Energy, Citgo, ConocoPhillips, Dynegy, El Paso Corporation, Marathon Oil Corporation, Halliburton, Reliant Energy, Smith International
o Space City - "Houston" one of the first words uttered on the moon by Neil Armstrong to NASA (Actually it was either "Contact Light" by Aldrin when the 67 inch dangling probes first touched the surface or "Okay" by Armstrong. See
o Capital of the Sunbelt
o Screwston- Due to the screwed and chopped music.
* Huntsville
o Prison City of Texas - There is a Prison Museum of Huntsville
o Execution Capital of the World
o Death Penalty City
* Lubbock
o The Hub of the Plains
o The Hub City
* Marshall
o Athens of Texas
o City of Seven Flags
o Gateway to Texas
o Pottery Capital of the World
* Midlothian - Cement Capital of Texas
* Missouri City — Misery City
* San Antonio
o Alamo City
o Mission City
o River City
o SA Town
o San Antone
* Sugar Land
o Sweet Land of Sugar
o The next Fort Worth
o New Houston
* Tyler
o City of Roses
o Rose Capital of the World
* Wichita Falls
o The City that Faith Built
o Whiskey-ta Falls


* Cottonwood Heights
o City between the Canyons
* Salt Lake City
o Crossroads of the West
o Salt City
o Lake Town
* Tremonton
o City With a Future
* Logan
o Dairy Capital of the Intermountain West
* Green River
o The World's Watermelon Capital


* Barre - Granite Capital of the World
* Burlington
o The Queen City
o The People's Republic of Burlington (used when Bernie Sanders was mayor)


* Blacksburg - Bleaksburg
* Bowling Green
o B.F.G. (similar to "B.F.E.")
o Boring Green
* Charlottesville - C-ville
* Chesapeake - The 'Peake
* Fredericksburg
o F-burg
o Fredrock
o Fred Vegas
o The Fred
* Lexington
o Lex Vegas
o Metro-Lex
* Lynchburg
o Lunchburg
o The Hill City
* Newport News - Bad News
* Petersburg - Cockade City
* Portsmouth - P-Town
* Norfolk - Naughty by Norfolk
* Richmond
o River City
o The 804
o Capitol City/Cap City
o The City of Seven Hills
o Capital of the Confederacy
* Roanoke - The Star City
* Springfield - The Field, S-Field (or any phonetic equivalent)
* Virginia Beach - VA Beach (pronounced "vah-beach")
* Williamsburg - The 'Burg (or any phonetic equivalent)


* Bickleton - Bluebird Capital of the World
* Redmond
o Mordor
o Nerdburg
* Seattle
o Emerald City -- official since 1982
o Jet City
o Rainy City
o Sea-Town
o Hedgehog City (in reference to the namesake of the basketball team in realtions to the Sega video game, and the numerous hedgehogs found in the city).
o Queen City (of the Pacific Northwest) -- official from 1869-1982
* Spokane
o Lilac City
o The Inland Empire
o Spokavegas
o Spokompton
o Spokanistan
o Spokaloo
o Spotucky
o Spokorn
o Spoklahoma
o The Can
o Skybridge City
* Tacoma
o City of Destiny
o Tackyoma
o America's #1 Wired City
* Toppenish
o Where The West Lives On
o City of Murals
o City of Murals and Museums
* Vancouver, Washington
o The Couve
* Walla Walla
o The City That Was So Nice They Named It Twice
o Walla2
o Wallyworld
* Wenatchee - Apple Capital of the World
* Yakima - The Palm Springs of Washington

West Virginia

* Charleston - Chemicalville
* Fairmont - The Friendly City
* Huntington - River City
* Morgantown - Motown, Morganhole
* Parkersburg - Parkingburg
* Wheeling - Nail City


* Appleton
* Baraboo — Circus City of the World
* Boulder Junction — Musky Capital of the World (copyrighted nickname)
* Burlington — Chocolate City, USA
* Cuba City — The City of Presidents
* Eagle River — The Snowmobile Capital of the World
* Fond du Lac — FDL
* Green Bay — Titletown U S A
* Madison
o Four Lake City
o Mad City
o Madtown
* Manitowoc — Manty
* Milwaukee
o Cream City
o Brew City
o City of Festivals
o City of Steeples
* New Holstein — Cowtown
* Ripon — Birthplace of the Republican Party
* Seymour — Home of the Hamburger
* Stockbridge — The Sturgeon Capital of the World
* Two Rivers
o Home of the Ice Cream Sundae
* West Allis -- Stallis


* Cody - Rodeo Capital of the World
* Douglas - Home of the Jackalope

District of Columbia

* Washington DC
o Capital City
o DC
o The District
o Our Nation's Capital
o Murder Capital of America (Late 80's - Early 90's)


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El Pisshole TX,
The brown stain of texas,

and not to correct you but Hollywood Fl. is the porn capital of the world.

Cool list.

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holly molly that is one long list

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Dang where do you all find this stuff ....thanks for posting

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Heavy Duty wrote:Dang where do you all find this stuff ....thanks for posting
I could tell you but then I'd have to electrocute you. I never give out my info gathering resources. LOL

Took me about 5 minutes to get all this.


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I was askin thumper to git this list. Thanks !

Thumper, I guess yer off the hook for now !

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Forgot "Astrodome City" for Houston, and I thought Boise was "Bozo, Idaho" LOL!

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here in lexington, we are also known as the "metro"..sometimes when skip shootin', i'll throw that in there...832 in this little bluegrass mobile said that...

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Dang thats alot man :D

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Post by troy » Sunday, 23 July 2006, 10:29 AM


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Under the Virginia section:
Lynchburg, not Richmond, is the Seven Hill City.
It is also known as Falwellville and Lunchbag.
Blacksburg is also known as Turkey Town to some (due to our college mascot looking like a turkey).
Charlottesville is also known as Hooville (again, due to college mascots).
Rustburg is known also as Rustbucket (go figure).

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