Troubleshooting help

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Troubleshooting help

Post by Bombero » Monday, 03 December 2012, 14:21 PM

When submitting a question for HELP with a problem the following needs to be answered to allow the CBRT Forum Moderators,Techs, and other CBRT Forum Member's to help you resolve your problem/problems.

~ Is the Antenna / Amp / Radio 100% Stock from the Factory with NO Alterations / Modifications?

~ Make of antenna / amp / radio?

~ Model of antenna / amp / radio?

~ Mode's of operation the problem exists on ie: AM / FM / LSB-USB?

~ Is it used for Base or Mobile operation or Both?

- Is problem noticed in Mobile or Base use or Both?

~ Is problem Constant or Intermittent or both?

~ Describe as precise as you can what problems you are having.

~ Does radio have proper power if in mobile use and proper fuses installed?

~ Has the Stock modulation settings been adjusted and are you using the Stock mic or an after market mic and is the mic a Power Microphone?

~ Has the radio been peaked/tweaked or had other modifications?

~ Are you the original purchaser/owner of the antenna / amp / radio or did you get it used?

~ List “ALL” modification’s that have been performed to the radio. ie: Super swing mod, NPC mod, transistor swap and any and all parts that have been upgraded or swapped.

~ Is Antenna / Amp / Radio properly installed if mobile, and is radio properly grounded?

~ Is radio properly installed if using it as a base radio and properly grounded?

~ Have you checked all antenna’s, coax, jumper's, meter's, and installation to make sure everything is in good working condition and properly installed?

~ Where you using an amplifier when you first noticed the problem?

~ What accessory equipment do you have in line with the radio, ie: meter’s, amp, low pass filter’s etc?

~ And list any other helpful information that may help other's to help you resolve the problem you are having.

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