Radio Regret, what you found out your radio couldn’t do…

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Radio Regret, what you found out your radio couldn’t do…

Post by SmallTruckBigRadio » Saturday, 21 October 2006, 10:59 AM

Usually, a radio advertisement tells you what the radio can do, but we sometimes don’t find out what’s missing until we have spent the money.

Have you ever said:
What do you mean the radio I just bought can’t do that?
What have you experienced in “radio shortcomings”?

These are some of the “catchers” that I have noticed.

Not enough power for someone to hear you, if you’re not close enough to see their license plate. (Mud Duck Syndrome)

Not enough power to drive an amplifier to its full swing potential (match your radio to your amp, and vice versa)

No Talkback
No Variable Talkback (Talkback with volume control to avoid feedback)

No Mic Gain
No Variable Receive Gain Control (to adjust noise, and weak / strong signals)
No variable receive gain, A 40dB attenuator switch takes the place of a variable receive gain pot, Galaxy 93T & 95T
No variable, changeable power output to cover barefoot, and amp use.
No variable power out, A three-position power level switch takes the place of a variable output pot, Galaxy 93T & 95T

No Echo / Reverb
Echo adjustment is on the inside Galaxy 95T (BUT WHAT ABOUT THE WARRANTY STICKER?)

Small meter that is hard to see.
No modulation meter
No true output power meter
No “on board” SWR meter
No “on board” protection for high SWR’s (antenna warning)

No LIFETIME WARRANTY on workmanship.

Wrong pin connection for your existing mic’s
No Front mic jack, side mounted mic jacks can get in the way.

No upper and lower regular bands
No LSB / USB (upper sideband, and lower sideband)
No clarifier
No “on board” Frequency counter
No Dimmable display (for night driving)

Do you have any to add to the list?

CB report card:
SWP SR RCI2950dx +TB +echo(A++)
SWP SR General Lee(A+) VarTB +10 pts
I've tried Galaxy 4 times (regretted every one)
DAVEMADE 3pill(A+) solid
FATBOY 3pill(A) almost a DaveMade
RK 56(A+) full sound, cords fail allot
Astatic 636L(A) best value, hold it against DaveMade!
Astatic D104M6(A) tinny, not noise cancelling
Shure 577b(A) only if you have a very hot radio, very low audio
SkyThumper ST-65DX(B) high energy, but junky sounding

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