Channel Display now working! SBE Console V

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Channel Display now working! SBE Console V

Post by Bobcat » Saturday, 20 January 2018, 19:57 PM

Decided to "do something" today. I know I need to replace the caps still, but I wanted to look into the display problem.

I had to get out my ol' magnifying hood at this age.... and go hunting ... figuring out the connections. I had the SAMS on hand for the SBE 39 which was the mobile version of the Console V, I had a Service manual that I paid for a while back which was good... but it had some circuit differences... between them I was able to figure out the pins of the resistor packs that fed the displays and indeed was able to find a couple of spots where my earlier work caused solder splash across adjacent pins on the driver side of the pack and... the segments are not in order (a,b,c,d,e,f,g) by the pins, they are kind of jumbled... so the location of the bridged pins wasnt intuitive looking at the displays...but once I put things in order of the chip pins, then the order of the segments, then looked at the patterns... it was easy to figure out.

That said, it took everything that magnifying hood could to to help me actually see what was going on. It was tiny in there!!! But I did find them, did correct them, and it goes 1 - 40 now with no oddball segments lighting up.

I tried a transmit into a dummy load.... and the meter needle didn't move.
Also, hooked up a mag mount antenna and the receive....even just the background noise...only moves the S meter needle up a bit... and is very very quiet in the speaker. I figure I really need to change those caps because some that I have seen... if they are shorting at all... would cut the signal down. Also could be bad caps around the audio chip causing low sound...

So I still have work to do....

But at least I fixed something!!!!!!

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