Cobra 29Ltd classic

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Cobra 29Ltd classic

Post by Iceman88 » Sunday, 04 March 2018, 8:43 AM

N00b here. Got a Cobra 29Ltd classic radio coupled with K30 antenna (3ft high i think). I tuned according to radio specs. However, at channel 27 the antenna light comes on. By the time I get to ch30, it's full solid red.

I can't seem to receive anything, and didn't try to send until i can receive.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

PS: antenna is installed next to my Durango radio one about 3-5inch distance.

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Re: Cobra 29Ltd classic

Post by 295 antenna » Sunday, 04 March 2018, 18:58 PM

Hello Iceman: in order to answer your question what is the antenna mounted on? Is it a magnet mount ?

Please stop by the forum here and introduce your self im sure somebody here can help.

another thing is this:If the SWR on channel 40 is higher than that on channel 1, your antenna is too long.
If the SWR on channel 1 is higher than that on channel 40, your antenna is too short. Are you using a meter using a meter ?

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Re: Cobra 29Ltd classic

Post by sonoma » Sunday, 04 March 2018, 19:31 PM

what is the swr on 40 and 1? having it so close to the other antenna can cause a problem with swr. on transmit but not receive. you will also find that a 3 foot antenna does not receive or transmit as good as a 4 foot antenna. but 1st let us know what the swr reading is. do not just say you tuned it to spec. what meter are you using to check the swr with or are you just relying on the one built into the radio.

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Re: Cobra 29Ltd classic

Post by MDYoungblood » Sunday, 04 March 2018, 19:55 PM

Hello Iceman88,
Welcome to the forum. The K30 is a short antenna, not quite 3 feet so adjusting it does create a problem. The best way is to get channel 19 or 20 to the lowest SWR possible then balance out channels 1 and 40 to be the same. Like 295 said the antenna is probably long, most antennas are made that way on purpose, so trimming might need to be done. When trimming cut the whip in 1/4" segments so as to not cut off too much. After you have it adjusted the ends of the band are still going to be higher than the middle because of the antennas design, no getting around it.



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